How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work On Dogs?

How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work On Dogs?

We love our furry friends, and protecting them is our highest priority. Many pet owners are always trying to find ways to love and care for their dogs. Whether it’s long walks on the beach, belly scratches, cuddling, or treats, making sure your dog is happy and healthy is a top priority for responsible dog owners. Some owners have even turned to using CBD products like CBD Oil and CBD dog treats for issues like anxiety, joint pain, and much more. There also seems to be a belief that CBD products offer health benefits. While that has not been medically established, we want to review some details when considering giving your dog CBD products.

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Every Dog Is Unique! (1)

The first area of consideration is your dog’s body weight. It is essential to use the correct dosage according to the instructions. Generally speaking, CBD products are given by body weight in 10-pound increments. For example, bigger hairier dogs will need a higher amount of CBD oil than smaller short, hair dogs.

Now just because you have a bigger dog doesn’t always mean they will need a larger amount. Why? Well, depending on the CBD oil you purchased, the product could have a higher CBD concentration amount. This is why reading the instructions on the bottle is essential for your furry friends.

Now that we have covered dog body weight and CBD concentration, let’s move on to how CBD products are administered. Typically, CBD oil is applied by directly placing a drop – or drops – on your dog’s tongue. CBD oil starts working the quickest using this method, while using CBD dog treats to mix in with food can be slower.

Just like humans, it’s important to gauge your dog’s tolerance by giving CBD in extremely small dosages to assess their sensitivity. While yes, dog weight plays an important factor, every dog is unique! So, starting small and increasing the CBD amount slowly should be your process with starting your dog on any CBD product treatment.

Speaking of treatment, again, we must state that there is no medical connection linking the benefits of CBD to dogs. Always consult your vet before administering CBD. With that being said, there have been reports of dog owners using anxiety-related CBD oil to reduce stress in dogs.

Now that we have covered the bases and you have decided to administer CBD oil to your dog, you must monitor your dog closely after the dosage. Every dog reacts differently to consuming CBD, and it is critical to ensure they are adjusting to the CBD properly. If you are concerned for your dog’s safety or health, seek medical attention for your dog immediately.

What Condition Are You Using CBD Oils To Help With?

Let’s answer the big question and the reason why you’re probably here. What conditions would using CBD oils assist with? Well, as I mentioned above, there is currently no medical evidence that proves the benefits of CBD oil in dogs. 

But owners who use dog CBD oil have reported better management of aches and pains. While CBD has a variety of use cases, most reported uses have been toward joint paint and situational stressors. It can also provide an alternative remedy for pet parents looking for a more holistic option for their pets.

In addition to those mentioned above, CBD oil has also been reported to assist with anti-inflammatory effects, anti-nausea effects, appetite boosting, and many more.

Now how long does it take for CBD oil to take effect? This is a tricky question to answer. So let’s answer it with examples! A rule of thumb we like to use is to expect CBD oil effects to act in a range of 30-60 minutes.

After the effects have taken place, how long does CBD oil last? Another tough question to generalize. There are many factors to consider breed, size, age, and gender, to name a few. But It has been reported that CBD oil can last between 4-8 hours in your pet’s system.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Give Your Pet? (2)

How much CBD oil or CBD dog treats should you give to your dog? CBD oil dosage is not an exact science. As pet parents, you should follow the instructions on the dog CBD bottle. Also, notice how I wrote, “dog CBD” If you’ve decided to purchase CBD products for your dog to assist with anxiety problems or different body functions, be sure to get one specifically made for dogs.

Potency will vary depending on the CBD product. If it is your first time giving your dog CBD then reading the label for instructions and recommended dosage is the best thing to do.

Most reputable dog CBD brands will have between 1-5mg of CBD. The range is determined by the use case, tolerance, and dog size. For those that don’t know, CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. While not all things in nature are good, CBD oil has been reported by many humans to be a natural and safe alternative option for managing body functions and anxiety problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Side Effects To CBD Oil For Dogs? (3)

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), there is no scientific or medical data on the side effects that CBD oil can cause. What we do know are the side effects that humans experience when using CBD. This includes the following side effects:

  •  Dry Mouth
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Drowsiness

How Long Do The Effects Of CBD Oil Last In A Dog? (4)

As we discussed in the above section CBD products can be effective between 4-8 hours and will remain in your dog’s system for up to 24 hours. What does that mean? For example, if you were to give CBD oil to your dog in the AM, there will still be trace amounts in the evening where you may not need to get the same dosage to return to the desired effects.

Can CBD Make My Dog More Anxious? (5)

Typically, no, CBD has been reported to ease anxiety in dogs by the natural effects of Cannabidiol. Depending on which spectrum of CBD oil you choose, your dog can react differently to the varying amount of THC in the product.

Can CBD Make Dogs Sleepy? (6) 

CBD dog products, like oils or CBD dog treats, may have side effects. One reported observation is that the dog may rest more. Also, read the instructions and products to ensure you aren’t giving your furry friend full spectrum CBD containing trace amounts of THC.

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