Dr. Greg Gerdeman and CEO Carmel Monti

Neuroscience Meets Sustainable Agriculture

As medical doctors, health experts, and everyday people become increasingly aware of the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), it can be hard to know where to find legitimate quality products. Packaging and selling CBD Oil is currently a relatively easy process with little regulation. Of course, not all CBD oil products are equal.

Tennessee Farmaceuticals is a Organic Processed CBD company with deep roots in molecular biology, neuroscience, and sustainable agriculture. Under the leadership of CEO Carmel Monti and Chief Scientist and Cannabinologist Greg Gerdeman, Ph.D. (“Dr. G”), Tennessee Farmaceuticals is pioneering best practices in the rapidly growing CBD space.

While working with Dr. G at a cannabis farm in Florida, Carmel developed a living soil with excellent results for growing cannabis. Tennessee Farmaceuticals intends for future CBD products to utilize this living soil and the growing techniques they developed in Florida (as applicable to Tennessee’s local climate). The company will also incorporate other botanicals, besides hemp, in future products.

Meet the Team

Dr. G (Greg Gerdeman) brings both knowledge of plant management and neuroscience to the venture. “As a neuroscientist at Vanderbilt, I made some early discoveries on how our physiological cannabinoid system works in the brain. It made a big splash and I had some good questions at the right time and place, helping to understand some stuff that’s really foundational now. It broke open the door to CBD and medical use of cannabis. It wasn’t all me, of course, but many labs were having breakthroughs at the time. I had the good fortune of being early.”

While in college, Dr. G also had a job spending time with hemp plants where he was involved in growing and pest management. “My background in neuroscience morphed into a knowledge of the plant and how the medicine works,” he says.

“The whole field of herbal medical has embraced that plants are more effective on their own than isolated ingredients,” says Dr. G. “Carmel and I decided to formulate tinctures for specific ailments: pain, anxiety, sleep, etc.”

The Tennessee Farmaceuticals Difference

The Tennessee Farmaceuticals process prioritizes quality ingredients, sustainability, and ethical practices. Here are just a few things that set this company apart:

  • All hemp is sustainably grown with organic components
  • No animal testing
  • Third-party tested 
  • GMP + ISO Compliant

Tennessee Farmaceuticals currently offers three CBD products:

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