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  • Our CBD Oils give you a blast of wellness-boosting CBD, with a wide variety of formulations to choose from. Our CBD tinctures have been formulated for everything fromCalm, Relief, & Sleep, and CBD products for your pets! And that’s just the beginning. We’ve also expanded our line of Broad Spectrum CBD with CBD products for pets. And coming soon, you’ll be able to shop our website for topical CBD products, delivering all the wellness benefits of CBD for the skin. If you’re looking for a CBD product that works and has been proven with science to serve your wellness needs — no matter what those needs are — we’ve got the CBD oils for you!


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CBD For Pet Wellness

Studies have shown that pets are desinged with endoncannaboinoid receptors. In fact dogs are reported to have a higher number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain compared with humans. CBD can be a fantastic natural health supplement for pets. The ECS system helps support in maintaining balance in a number of important processes, including mood, memory, sleep, releif, and more.

CBD is a wonderful element to combine with a healthy diet and other wellness products to create a more balanced wellness support system since it works with overall wellbeing.

Tennessee Farmaceuticals pet CBD Oil products provide a wide range of benefits with our all natural CBD oils for pets. All of our CBD Products have a balance of natural oils and terpenes and are a natural way to add organic CBD to your pets daily routine or when they need calm or relief the most.

CBD Oil For Pets FAQs

Is CBD safe for pets?

Typically, hemp, a kind of cannabis with naturally very low quantities of THC, the primary psychoactive component in marijuana, is the source of the CBD used in cannabis pet supplements. Because of this, CBD is not psychotropic and is safe for usage on animals.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes! The laws of today — most importantly the 2018 Farm Bill — distinguish legal hemp as being any variety that produces less than 0.3% THC by weight. Learn more here

What is CBD good for?

This can be a tricky question for several reasons. There is evidence that CBD-rich hemp extracts could have many beneficial effects, coming from personal stories and successful clinical case studies.

There is also a large and compelling body of research on how cannabinoids work through the science of theendocannabinoid system. 

We encourage consumers to educate themselves on the science of cannabinoids, including CBD, and how they might be supportive of health and well being.

How long does it tkae for CBD's effects to be felt?

Depending on a person's height, weight, and dosage of CBD, different qualities of CBD may apply. Since CBD oil doesn't include any psychoactive substances, there is no "high" effect; start with tiny dosages and gradually increase them with each use until you get the desired results.

Who can benefit from phytocannabinoid rich CBD oils?

Claims can not be made to say who will and how they will benefit from CBD oils.

What is in TN Farma hemp flower? Will it make me high? 

No, our hemp products won’t make you feel “high” or inebriated at all, even though our premium hemp flower actually does contain all of the same botanical medicine as more psychoactiveCannabisvarieties.

The difference is that hemp has only very low levels (less than 0.3%) of the psychoactive molecule THC, but high amounts of its non-intoxicating and therapeutic sister molecules, including CBD and otherminor cannabinoids.

How much CBD is in my tincture?

Our broad spectrum tinctures (Calm and Relief) each contain 1,200 mg CBD per 1 oz bottle (or 400 mg CBD per 10 ml trial size), along with a smaller amount of minority cannabinoids such as CBG, CBDV and CBC. This means that there is 40 mg per ml, which is equal to one full-size dropper. 

How much CBD should I take?

It's challenging to develop a universal standard measurement since every person's physique is unique. We advise starting with half a vile and working up to a full vile while testing our sleep solution. Take it 30 minutes before going to bed. For pets we recommend one drop per 10lbs of body weight.