Organic CBD Oil company based in Columbia Tennessee

Tennessee Farmaceuticals philosophy is to develop products that are designed from the soil up!  In other words, starting with the living soil in which the plants are grown to the utilizing the ultimate seed that has the optimum criteria for the most beneficial content of CBD and or combined with other beneficial botanicals. “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our head.” Henry David Thoreau.  It all starts with the soil!

All products are grown with organic components and with sustainability in mind.  

All products are 3rd. party tested.

Frequently Asked Questions - Answered by Dr. Greg Gerdeman

Why Are We Tennessee Farmaceuticals?

We are TN Farmaceuticals because we are made in Tennessee. Our products are from the Volunteer State. More importantly, they are from the farm. Cannabis (CBD) is a wellness product that doesn't come from drug development labs but truly comes from the farm.