What is CBD good for? This can be a tricky question for several reasons. There is evidence that CBD-rich hemp extracts could have many beneficial effects, coming from personal stories and successful clinical case studies. There is also a large and compelling body of research on how cannabinoids work through the science of the endocannabinoid system.  We encourage consumers to educate themselves on the science of cannabinoids, including CBD, and how they might be supportive of health and well being. We believe they are, and will use these webpages to point you in the right direction.  

Who can benefit from phytocannabinoid rich CBD oils? Claims can not be made to say who will and how they will benefit from CBD oils. 

 What is in TN Farma hemp flower? Will it make me high? 

No, our hemp products won’t make you feel “high” or inebriated at all, even though our premium hemp flower actually does contain all of the same botanical medicine as more psychoactive Cannabis varieties. The difference is that hemp has only very low levels (less than 0.3%) of the psychoactive molecule THC, but high amounts of its non-intoxicating and therapeutic sister molecules, including CBD and other minor cannabinoids

 Is there THC in my tincture? 

 How much CBD is in my tincture? Our broad spectrum tinctures (Calm and Relief) each contain 1,200 mg CBD per 1 oz bottle (or 400 mg CBD per 10 ml trial size), along with a smaller amount of minority cannabinoids such as CBG, CBDV and CBC. This means that there is 40 mg per ml, which is equal to one full-size dropper. 

 Is this hemp seed oil?

 How much CBD should I take? See inserts for rules of thumb. General advice. Also depends on the person, other medications, and desired outcome. Also, what else is in the product.